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Paula Slivinsky has been swinging a golf club since she was 11 years old. She started out as a caddy...just to get herself out onto the course for "caddy's day". She had a great time just playing golf with her brothers, until a golf pro took her under his wing and everything just took off from there.

Since those early days, Paula has played in Junior golf tournaments, local, state and national play as an amateur, then moved into the professional arena.

She's played at Winged Foot, Baltusrol, Shinnecock, Prairie Dunes, Doral & Bethpage and all over the US and Canada. 

A lot of people can play golf, and a lot of people teach golf. What makes Paula different is her outstanding ability to play golf and her ability to  transform that knowledge into an understandable way to learn golf. She loves this game, and she loves to teach her students to excel in this game. And they do excel! They benefit from Paula's years of experience.

Here are just some of the things she has accomplished:

  • U.S. Open Player

  • Three-time U.S. Amateur Player

  • Tour Player

  • Champion of PGA Pro Lady Championship

  • Recipient of WMGA Maureen Orcutt Trophy

  • National College Golf Champion

  • Collegiate All-American

  • WMGA Junior Golf Champion

  • All-Conference - High School

  • All-County- High School

You can read more about her golf accomplishments in the New York Times, The Miami Hearald, Palm Beach Times, Fort Lauderdale News & Sentinal and the Gannett News Group.

Contact Paula at:

(330) 204 - 4635

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